Who Am I?

I didn't become a practicing artist until middle age - there...I said it! What began as an experiment with my wife and son painting canvases to decorate our family room turned into a full-fledged passion.  My garage became a studio, my wife slid meals under the door (OK, not quite, but close) and I completed painting after painting. I taught myself - trial and error was my teacher. Add in unequal parts obsession, creativity, and a solitary nature - here we are. I found I began incorporating psychological elements into my work (I'm a school psychologist by training). I discovered that I enjoyed making people think by using color in unusual ways. I also developed relationships with other artists and collectors, which added intrigue into my life. The process began with a life-long love of art...but the story didn't get interesting until I picked up a brush to placate a restless mind with a hunger to create.

I began selling my art almost immediately - first on EBAY, then in regional shows and galleries. I recognized early on that one can't wait around to be discovered in this competitive field - I just had to "Go for IT!"


John Barney is an abstract-expressionist artist in the Los Angeles area. A fan of art his whole life, he’s visited galleries across the country, incorporating many of the characteristics  he’s observed from paintings he's admired. Influences include French palette knife painter Christian Jequel, Leroy Neiman, and visionary artist Bill Martin.  Though holding graduate degrees in psychology, he's a self-taught artist, not bound by convention or formal training. He's noted for his unique use of color,texture, and "psychological dimension" -  the way a work of art communicates or evokes feelings or thoughts in the viewer, often subconsciously.  He's fascinated by how different people react and interpret the same work of art. Frequent themes in his work include “the passion of the performance,” and “self-discovery.” His hope is that his art helps you “discover something about yourself.”  John often paints with a palette knife, feeling that texture adds to the emotional impact of a painting. He finds the controlled random elements of the knife stroke fascinating. In 2017, he had several solo exhibitions at the invitation of  three California cities and has been featured in The Level 25 Art Journal, ARTiculAction Art Review, and Renee Longen's book "FundamentallyFemale." John’s work can be found in galleries and shows in the Los Angeles area – and he's been collected as far away as Australia.  His other passion is music  - he's working on his 5th CD and plays with his band,“The 11th Floor Band” (11thfloorband.com).  

In the future, the gallery will be expanding to include guest artists.  Our mission is to provide gallery art at reasonable prices. The internet has changed the way the business of art is conducted - allowing for people to buy direct from the artists at great savings. If you are worried about taking a chance on John Barney art because you haven't seen it in person - you can relax! We offer a full refund if you return the art within 7 days (buyer pays return shipping and it must be in its original condition). Of course, check the blog to keep up with John's art schedule to see his work in person!